Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve--Uncle Waylan's

For lunch we were on to my Uncle Waylan's Christmas where my cousin lil. Waylan prepared the most delicious ribs I've EVER ate! Watching Will snuggle with my Uncle was one of my favorite parts of this day...

My sweet Uncle Waylan and me

some pretty girls!

Now that's a good look'n Brannan boy in that black cowboy hat~LOVE IT!

My wonderful Nannie and Papa!

Silly Willie and Uncle Waylan...he stayed in Uncle Waylan's lap and chatted forever.
My Uncle later told me, "I tell you what, Will and I could set around a camp fire and solve the World's problems...I guarantee it." It was so sweet to watch their interaction!

Heather made some to die for creme brulee--my favorite!!

Will thoroughly enjoyed helping Papa open his

I now know where my baby girl gets her squinty eyes taking pictures :)

Such a beautiful family
~The Brannan's~

We had such an awesome time with all our cousins!
We are so blessed!

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