Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve @ The Boepple's

Friday night we stayed the night with Daron's parents and woke up Saturday morning and celebrated with Daron's immediate family. The kids ran around and played, Uncle Steve and Daddy tried to reassemble one of Will's new remote control cars to make it less noisy--unsuccessful LOL!

Papa Scooter, Mimi and the grandkids

It cracks me up how Faith insisted on staying her pjs and the rest of us are dressed up :) love her!

<3 cozy family <3

Will was so excited about these clothes, he pulled me aside and asked to tell me a "secret," "Mommy, can I wear this shirt now?" Of course! :)

Uncle Steve trying to 'fix' Will's car so it wont make noise...silly dads

We are so blessed!

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