Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family Birthday Party

While we were at my parents for Thanksgiving my mom had a big party for all the fall/winter birthday's: Bentley, Papa, Nannie, Jason, Brannan, my Mom, Kaylan, Madelyn

Such a sweet picture of my Mom, Nannie and the girls

Meme and the girls
So many birthdays...had to start adding sticky notes to not hurt people's feelings, loL!
Yes, we sang "Happy Birthday" to each individual child :)
Brannan was first...he turns 2 December 17th

Faith turned 7 November 26th

Bentley turned 10 October 15th

Madelyn turns 7 January 16th

Then we sang to the big kids :)
Nannie-December 1st
Jason-December 9th
Mom-December 18th
Kaylan-January 11th

Jason and Kay decided to blow them out my siblings!

Would hate to get his hands dirty...dive right in
ehhh, this is more efficient

My favorite part of this picture is Jason standing on the pink scooter in the grass LOL!

pinata time--this was hysterical!
little B up first

Now for the bigger kids...make sure they can't see

Fallon and Jason
Daron and his clone

Pa had a full load

Sweet cousins and Papa, which was not at the party turned 80 November 18th!

S'more time...I tell you, the fun is endless at Nana and Pa's!

Brannan's first time

A typical night...hanging outside on the gorgeous back patio


Good morning...happy birthday Faith!

Just LOVE being around the kiddos

Thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the family!
Can NOT wait to spend spring break with everyone!!

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