Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning @ Nana and Pa's

Christmas morning we woke up at my parent's house....Christmas morning at my parent's is always a magical time! My Nannie and Papa drove out for a delicious homemade breakfast. Then we gathered around the tree for presents. It was great, but we sure did miss the other half of the family :(
A man's best friend...iphone and a Swiper...

Merry Christmas with Aunt Tay

"Shawna, I swear....NOT every moment has to be photographed"
LOL! Yes, it's a memory :)

nah...I don't think Will likes him t hat much

Santa Nannie

Such a cute mother/daughter

YES! Legos

I really was super excited about this card!! I've been waiting for Christmas so I can get more makeup

Nana made this scarf and hat
yippeeeee....more legos

My little Art Queen got hooked up this year!

I'm thinking my little art queen may have gotten some of her talent from her Aunt Kay....she made this super cute canvas!
Swiper was patiently waiting for something to open

Yes, Nannie got him balls to play with

Nana's stitches of love~she made the hat and scarf for Faith
My amazing parents

Nana, Pa, Faith and Willie
Brothers checking out their remote control're never to old for one

Mom was reading Christmas cards and I asked if the glasses on her head were a different power (totally wasn't being a smart ass) LOL and she didn't know they were there....I LOVE IT!!
We are so blessed!

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