Thursday, March 10, 2011

Galveston/Mardi Gras/Beach

Sunday, March 6, 2011 we headed to Galveston, TX for the Mardi Gras Pet Parade and to hang out at the beach.  Skye Ross was able to come with us after her daddy's surprise party...the kids were so excited she was able to come!  The Pet Parade was not all that exciting for the kids so we opted to skip out on the 2nd parade and headed straight to the beach! There the kids and Daron and I had a fabulous time! The kids played with their toys while Daron and I were able to toss the football around.  Great family fun! No worries in the World, perfectly clear blue of those days that you just don't want to end!
Skye and Faith waiting for the Pet Parade to start
Daddy and Willie walking back from checking out the water
YAY!! The Parade is starting!
Animals dressed for the occasion
This woman literally made me laugh out loud when I saw her...I mean really??? The rainbow mohawk bear koozie necklace are just fab!
Skye patiently waiting for her Whataburger meal...she cracked me up...ate EVERY single frie before she touched her chicken strips :)
The kids met a "grandma and grandpa" at Whataburger...they were SOOO nice and gave the kids beads
The Love of my life! Had SO much fun playing football
it's the simple things...
Willie's got an arm!  He loves playing football
Skye and Faith building sand castles
William and Skye vegging on the couch, Monday, recovering from Sunday's fun! :)

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