Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mama's Boy

Now that Faith is in Kindergarten I've had to adjust to have one child the majority of the time.  For the most part it has been a pleasant transition.  He keeps my on my toes and we have a great time! He is always ready to go.  William is usually the first person up in the house no later than 6:30.  The first thing he wants is his strawberry milk (not mixed-he wants ALL the pink on the bottom), then he wants to get dressed, shoes on, and hair done! All by no later than 7, then he wants to know where we're going...ummm, most of the time mommy is in pj's, getting Faith out the door for school, then trying to re-group before a busy day with my little monkey.  William is fun, loving, sweet, kind, caring...MAMA's BOY! He likes mama's hair down, "it's prettier that way" He wants me to carry him, he plays with my hair, gives me tons of hugs and kisses, life is just a joy with him! I am forever grateful for this time I have with him!  Here are some pictures and descriptions of some of our time together.

Knight and Shining Armor
Spider man to the rescue!
This was Will's Halloween costume that we got at the end of September.  He literally wore holes in this costume.  He wore it everywhere, Faith's school, grocery store, park, you name it, he did it :)
Spider man at Kohl's
This was a bitter sweet trip to the was our very first time to go without Faith.  I have to say this was the biggest adjustment, going places we were used to going with Faith, without her...
Trip to Academy...he wanted this SO bad. I ended up sneaking the purchase for a Christmas gift.  He loves dressing up in it now!
Will hang'n on the ladies at JC Pennys....I was ahead of him and heard him yell, "Hey mommy! Look at her panties!" EVERYONE in the ENTIRE store turned and looked at me! Since we had already caused a scene I decided to capture the moment :)
Four-wheeler, dirt, and a man's best friend (Swiper) What more could a boy ask for?
Playdate with Liam
Made a tent, popped popcorn and watched a kind of afternoon
Willie getting creative with Shrek!
Mommy's first time to cut his hair.  If you know Will, he's a freak about his hair.  He litterally does his hair daily now because anytime he so much as brushes his head against something he says in his big deap voice, "Mommy, my hair messed up?" LOL!
Breakfast in bed with his best buddy, Swiper
He will the entire top of cupcakes or cinnamon rolls--JUST for the icing!
This picture makes me laugh, he even put Swiper's jacket on
Story behind the shoes...a few days before we were leaving for our Disney World trip Will "misplaced" his shoes (AKA-HID them under the treadmill!) so I had to take him to replace them...once we found a pair for him he put his old shoes (the brown ones-that were too small) on the shelf and said, I don't need these anymore...
Rock'n his sweet replacement shoes!
MOPS Christmas Party
My personal trainer.  He's always telling me it's time to work out, "Mom, we should go on a walk so I can be healthy..." Was the most recent phrase that came out of his mouth :)
OHHHH, this was SOOOOO sweet!! One day I had a gang-buster headache and was curled up in bed...when I got up I saw this on my counter, Will said, "mommy, I picked these for you so you would feel better." He had gone outside and picked the petals off so the thorns wouldn't hurt him, put them in a vase and filled it with water.  This melted my heart!
Cotton Bowl day...he wasn't enthused about picture time
Like I said previously, he LOVES icing...reminds me of his Aunt Fallon the way he eats a cupcake :) *(clarification-not the messy part, she just loves the icing)
Mommy 2nd attempt at a haircut
"Hey mom, look, they are 'tissing' " I guess he's watched too many princess movies with his sister.  Of course Daron's response to this picture, he's naked, well my kids take their Barbies clothes off then loses them, so get your head outta the gutter :)
This is how Will woke me up one morning after going through the junk drawer.
He's getting pretty good at puzzles
Will chill'n watching Shark Boy Lava Girl
Will bought Faith her favorite color flowers with his own money, just because...
Great way to end...Will LOVES Swiper!!! He carries him around like a little wrag doll all the time.  Swiper has been the BEST dog in the World for allowing my children to torment him with their love like they do!
~Hope you enjoyed!~


  1. What a sweet post! looks like the two of you have had some wonderful moments together.

  2. Aww, thanks Michelle! Yes, we have had a great time! I added your blog! Elijah's precious!