Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break-SeaWorld San Antonio

William and Faith at SeaWorld March 14-15, 2011

Nana road with us to San Antonio to get her work car and she was able to stay and play with us.  We had SO much fun!  The weather was clear skys, breezy and cool--just right!

Faith and Nana

William, Faith, Nana, and me

Faith, Nana, and William

The Moulton's at SeaWorld

William and Daddy looking at the dolphins

Beluga Whale and Faith

The Azul Show

Daddy and William on Shamu Express

Nana and Faith on Shamu Express

Will didn't want to stand, Daron and I didn't want to big sister took it upon herself to hold Willie :)

Daron, Faith, William, and Nana at the Shamy Rocks Show

It was a tight squeeze for me, but was so much fun listening to the kiddos chuckle!

Daron and I were able to ride the steel eel...really fun!

Saved the best for last...

Faith and Mommy waiting in line to ride our wet ride

Mommy and Daddy got drenched and the two lil. ones were dry as can

Day 1 at SeaWorld:
We saw part of the Believe show, Azul, Cannery Row-Clyde & Seamore, Shamu Rocks, and Sea Lions Tonite.  The kids favorites were Clyde & Seamore & Azul.  They road Shamus Express and the carousel...of course their favorite was Shamu's Express!  Daron and I were able to ride Steel Eel twice in a row while Nana watched the kids right before closing.  We indulged in popcorn, cotton candy, corn dogs, and corn...Faith managed to get a little tummy ache :) We were so excited for our second day at SeaWorld! 

The kids requested for day #2:
Shamu's Express, Journey to Atlantis, Elmo rides, feed dolphins and sea lions.  Penguin encounter, watch Azul and Clyde & Seamore again.

Day 2 at SeaWorld:
We saw Clyde & Seamore again and Azul.  Road all the Elmo rides, Penguin encounter, and saved the best for last...Journey to Atlantis!  The kids LOVED it!!  We will be going back

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