Monday, March 21, 2011

Kindergarten Days

Faith's Kindergarten Backpack
New school shoes

Faith's officially one of Mrs. Banowsky's Bronco's!
Faith's first time to ride the bus home.
Lunch date with Faify
Story Night at school.  Some of her buds! Mikayla and Rheesy-poo!
Kindergarten Sweetheart...Faith and Rheese
What Faith said she wanted to be...
This is her dressed up in her "Music Teacher" attire.  (They had to wear regular uniform, and her mommy's not all that artistically inclined :) lol!)

Field Trip at Dewberry Farms

The entire family was able to make it to the field trip
Faith and Mrs. Banowsky at Dewberry Farms

Each week a student was chosen to be "star of the week" and got to take home the class mascott "Rodeo Ricky" We were to take photos of places Faith took Rodeo Ricky... This was at SWTrading on Harwin.

Faith and Rodeo Ricky
William and his puppy :)
jumping on the trampoline.
Faith and Rodeo Ricky at Sugar Land Baptist Church
Faith and Rodeo Ricky jumping on trampoline
Rodeo Ricky sleeping with Faith

Christmas Party
Yummy cupcakes
Mommy got to go to Christmas Party
Mrs. Banowsky and Faith

Faith started kindergarten in August 2010.  She was eager to go back to school. She LOVES to learn.  We prayed all last summer that she would get a wonderful teacher and that Mommy would be able to communicate and get along with her too.  We could NOT have been more blessed!  Mrs. Banowsky is a true gift from God! She is a wonderful, talented teacher.  She is calm and patient, loving and compassionate. 

When Faith first started school I took her to school and picked her up.  This was VERY time consuming for only being 3 miles away, so I eventually was able to get her on the bus and she has really enjoyed it.  Her bus driver's name is Ms. Tiffany and always greets us in the morning with her sweet smile and waves at me. 

Kindergarten has been very special full of ups and downs.  Faith loves school and is excelling beautifully.  She has been accepted into GT classes and enjoys being challenged. She really enjoys math, thanks to her Daddy :)

Faith has never been a morning person, but she has surprised us with her positive and kind attitude in the's the afternoons that bite us.  She is usually very emotional in the afternoons--from being tired I'm sure...I finally asked her recently why she cries so much in the evening and she said because she doesn't like it when she doesn't get her way :) (ie: like not getting candy or friend over RIGHT when she wants it) :)  Good times...

For the most part this year has been a positive transition.  I'm really enjoying being a stay-at-home mom.  I love that I am able to be so involved in Faith's class! I haven't missed a field trip or party.  I know this wont last forever so I am enjoying it while I can.  I feel very blessed to have this opportunity!

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