Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break-Rodeo/Brad Paisley

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Brad Paisley
March 19, 2011

We picked the Sanders Family up around 10:45 Saturday morning, ate lunch, then headed to the Houston Livestock show and rodeo.  First we saw all of the livestock, petting zoo, everything that was in AC, then the kids went to market.  By this time it was time for the rodeo.  The kids were great! 

During the rodeo, Team Roping to be exact, Brandon and Mike Beers came out and Will said, "I wanna do that when I grow up."

After the rodeo, which the kids sat through all three hours of was Brad Paisley, I love his songs! We only made it 'til about 8 when the kids just couldn't sit any longer, so we decided to take them out for the rides we promised.  We ended up not getting home until 11 or so.  It was  LONG day, but SO much fun!

Our little veterinarian (one of the many things she wants to be when she grows up)

He's probably thinking...are they going to bite me like the stingrays did...

Riley was a little unsure

They always take cute pictures with daddy!

Scott and Riley feeding goats

me, not so much...

Scott and Riley getting ready to watch the cow get milked

He got real comfy to watch that cow get milked :)

The kids LOVED petting the bunnies.  I tried to talk Daron into getting them bunnies for Easter, he wasn't much for it...

Faith was SO excited to get her first pick horse...Dr. Pepper :)

Will's was fitting "Cowboy"

Riley's was "Gem" but she felt Princess was more suitable :)

Time to go through the farm, then head to market.  This was a cute activity for the kids to learn how to plant and grow food, pick it, then take it to market, get paid, then buy food. 

Will planting his onion seed

Faith finally getting to milk a cow...this is all she talked wanting to do--so funny!

Looks like a natural to me

The Moulton Farm

The Sanders Farm

Brad Paisley

They got 'em by the horns

Finally, rides as promised...Will's first choice!

My "act of love" I had to keep my eyes closed so my head wouldn't hurt...barfffffff...I know, those of you who knew me as a child probably can't believe you are hearing this, but man, my equilibrium just isn't what it used to be :(

Willie LOVED it!

He was so excited to get a picture with Superman

Faith, William, and Riley
Riley was SO excited and brave to ride this ride!

The rodeo concluded our very busy and fun week of spring break! We enjoyed all the family and friends we were able to spend time with.  Hope you enjoyed our adventures.

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