Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday, Will and I were on our way to meet some friends at the playscape.  I was 'strolling' along Highway 90 (a 5 lane per side of traffic) Hitting EVERY green light!  I thought to myself, this never happens...I was so excited untillllllll I looked in my rear view mirror...whoop, whoop...yep, you guessed it...I was getting pulled over by a motorcycle cop. 

I pulled over, got out my DL and insurance card as the cop approached my window.  "Ma'am, you were going 63 in a 45." I said, "Sir, I live in Richmond and typically take 99 in (which is a 60 mph zone) other than that, I wasn't paying attention and don't have a good excuse."  He said, "OK, I'll be right back."  I just KNEW I was getting a ticket, after all, it's true--I was in the wrong!  He comes back, hands me my cards and says, "Ma'am keep your speed down and have a nice day."  I could not believe it.  I said thank you, shook his hand, he then shook William's. 

A wave of grace consumed me.  This made me think of my life...I'm typically, literally, always moving 63 in a 45 if you know what I mean...I know I CAN do it all and it's very much a part of my nature...and if we are talking literally, I LOVE going's inate, like to the bone, in the blood...I just LOVE it!!, but it is is always safe to be traveling at these speeds?? (I'd natrually say yes, but to prove a point...) Is it in our best interest?  I often fill my days with getting Faith ready and out the door for school, cleaning, playing with Will, exercising, paying bills, laundry, Bible studies, Church, internet, TV...the list could go on and on.  All these things are good and most of them necessary, but does it all have to be right now, in our microwave little society? NO...Am I taking time to be still?

The Bible says, "Be still, and know that I am God!" Psalm 46:10

I am very grateful I didn't get a ticket yesterday, but I am also thankful for the visual reminder to slow down...not just in my car, but daily...
Take time to slow down a little...enjoy life...I'd love to hear ways that you do this.

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