Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miami-February 2011

As most of you know Daron was working in Miami February 15-22 for the Miami International Boat Show.  He surprised me and got me a ticket to fly up for a long weekend.  It was such a nice relaxing getaway.  Miami is very unique to say the least. The water was beautiful, white sand, but the beach had lots of litter :( this makes me so sad!  The day I arrived Gloria and I went to the beach to soak up some sun, then we met our men for dinner.  The second day I spent with Daron at the boat show looking at all the ridiculously large boats :) I did lots of walking, I tracked myself with my phone and the first day alone I walked over 10 miles! I love towns like this where you walk everywhere! I wish Houston was more like this...
Day 1-enjoying the beach
The birds would not leave this homeless man away...kinda the way, forgot to mention at the top, there are SO many homeless people here.  I mean I know they are everywhere, but literally everywhere you walk you see them here.
Gloria (Daron's boss's wife) and me
These are the kind of cars you see everywhere
My Stud!
On the bus to another dock to check out the sailboats

Some unique boats...
Thought the Geico one was funny...
Oh man, I'd LOVE to sit in one of those seats and just hit it!! I LOVE speed!!!!!
This is where we ate our second night.  It had a really nice ambiance...we were outside, kind of in a private alley way, with candles...breeze, food was just okay though...honestly the food in Miami is nothing to talk much about :(
Last night we were there I walked in a local store and said, "Tourist or not...if you could eat ANYWHERE in town, best food...where would it be?" The man said Joe's Stone Crab, and we MUST eat the Seafood Bisque that people have it flown in from all over the World.  So, Daron and I hopped the city  bus down to Joe's Stone Crab, waited an hour and 1/2...finally seated at 10:15 pm .... We immediately ordered the famous Seafood Bisque, photo below...
This is Daron's face after trying the fresh and amazing....Seafood Bisque...LOL, it sucked!! hahaha....Needless to say, we ordered a slice of cheesecake to share and called it a night :)
on our walk back to hotel after our not so good bisque
Beautiful weather
Praying we survive the taxi ride back to the airport

All in all, Miami was a nice get away...It's not my favorite place, but if Daron had to go for business again, I would definitely take time to meet him there :)

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