Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet and Sassy

My Darling, Princess Faith...she is wonderful, amazing, smart, compassionate, opinionated, decisive, loud, funny, bossy, strong-willed, sensitive, emotional, caring, charismatic, talented, artistic, just to list a few characteristics of my daughter.

All of these characteristic comprised together make one special girl.  Faith is so much fun! She loves girl time, getting our nails done, being prissy, all the way to eating messy chili cheese dogs and playing in the dirt wearing dresses. 

I couldn't ask for anything more!! A girly-tom-boy! All I ever wanted :)

Her favorite things to do:
1) draw!!
2) play with her American Girls
3) do math with daddy
4) jump on the trampoline

Faith and her bitty baby in their matching clothes
A sign I bought for her room...I want her to take this with her when she grows up and never forget these things!

One of our "Girl dates" at Sonic-extra long coney all to herself...ate every bite!
My beautiful princess, I LOVE my angel!
She dressed Swiper up in her build a bear clothes
One of my VERY most favorite pictures of Faith!!  AHHHH, I love it!
(fall 2009 soccer)
Hoping she'll get tats out of her system at an early age :)
perfect caption of my princess fighter

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